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Vision of Style is a concept that came to me when I would often look at my South Asian outfits, and I would think what I can create with them and how can I bring out the uniqueness of those outfits.

How could the colours show the vibrancy & true beauty of the outfits to enable us to wear them with such poise and confidence. Wearing any outfit with confidence then becomes your style.


Vision of Style loves it when they’re able to open someone’s eyes to something new. There is something to be said when you see our South Asian clothes in such a unique way.

Vision of Style believes that there are a lot of trends that can be followed. However, our belief is that fashion isn’t just style. Style is fashion so wear it and own it.


Vision of Style can create a style for any event. If you have an event that you want to feel confident for we can create a look for you by understanding your likes/dislikes, we will accentuate your best assets & create outfits to fit your body shape in the right colours shape and size.

Vision of Style will understand your requirements and budget to make you look and feel great.

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