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How to make sure your products sell on Vision of Fashion?

Be clear and precise on what you are selling
Don’t let your potential buyers second-guess what you are trying to sell. Doubts make people turn away from a buy.

Featured products
Get your products Featured so that it will appear on our homepage. This will help enable your product to gain more visibility.

Be competitive in pricing
Make sure you check out what competitors are selling before you price your product. If you have a unique selling point, make sure you highlight it in your product description.

Get positive reviews
Reviews make or break a seller. It is what that lets a potential buyer gains trust in your product even before he has met you. Encourage those who have purchased from you to write a positive review for you if they are satisfied with your customers.

Pictures sell
Upload attractive (but accurate of course!) pictures in your products description.

The required resolution for these images are:
For products – 600(width) x 820(height) px

For shop banners  – 2100(width) x 800(height) px

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